What We Do

We are the cultural experts brands turn to when they really want to understand people. 

As executive consultants and cultural strategy thought leaders, Culture is accomplished in all matters of branding, marketing, and solving complex problems through innovative social science.  

We are unique in how we identify values, develop cultural empathy and deploy a strategy of belonging to help your business reach and serve the humans you call customers. 

Marketing & Comms. Strategy
  • Inform creative briefs
  • Develop media engagement priorities
Human & Cultural Insights
  • Understand cultural context of expansion markets / geographies
  • Generate organizational empathy to drive stakeholder engagement
  • Refine brand purpose based on understanding culture & shared values

Brand Strategy Development

  • New brand development
  • Brand positioning 
Business Strategy Foresight
  • Understanding the implications of macroforces and cultural change
  • Identify opportunity spaces for growth and headwinds that affect business
  • Strategic scoping for near, mid and long-term objectives
  • Custom roadmaps for innovation & corporate culture evolution
Innovation & Product Development
  • White-space exploration & refinement
  • New product development
Purpose Alignment & Activation
  • Assessment of existing corporate or brand purpose and internal alignment
  • Discovery and articulation of purpose from the POV of your most engaged team members and stakeholders
  • Internal and external purpose activation strategy

How We Do It

We deal in human connection at Culture, but use hard science and proven techniques to meet critical business objectives. Empathy is the outcome. Social and behavioral sciences are the tools that guide us.

MVC Profile Identification
  • Deep dive into internal customer knowledge and data
  • Selection of highly targeted customer groups for strategic deep dives
Stakeholder Engagement
  • Deep dives that go beyond traditional onboarding
  • Develop hypotheses that inform project design and buy-in of strategic initiatives
  • Understand & activate brand and corporate purpose from an inside-out perspective
Ethnographic Interviews
  • Immersive customer engagement, understanding and connection
  • Research and insights designed to eliminate ethnocentrism and generate empathy
Macroforces & Trend Analysis
  • Know what’s happening in the world and what it means for your business
  • Identification of headwinds and opportunity spaces with recommendations for a path forward
  • Extracting the evolution of meaning from communications
  • Painting a literal picture of what change looks like for your category, brands and business
Storytelling Deliverables
  • Voice-of-customer documentary-style video produced from in-context fieldwork footage
  • Books designed for cross-functional sharing and promoting institutional memory
Collaborative Workshops
  • Immersive, hands-on engagement with insights
  • Cross-functional empathy-based ideation
Qual and Quant Validation
  • Qualitative screening and refinement
  • Custom quantitative target identification and tracking tools
  • Purpose-driven KPI development and tracking

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