Partners & Clients

Selected Testimonials

“The professionals at Culture were meticulous in their preparation to speak with our customers. The result of the engagement did not disappoint. The information they were able to pull from our customers was invaluable and the final deliverable was amazing. I’ve been working with research vendors for over 25 years and I can honestly say that Culture’s attention to detail and commitment to the work is second to none. They aren’t just a research vendor, they are partners that you can trust & rely on.”

Angie Amon

Director of Research, RentPath

“A compelling strategy starts with being purposeful about aligning your brand’s values with your customers’ core values and beliefs. The foundational ethnographic research we conducted in 6 countries with Culture helped us develop a deep understanding of the core values that drive our most valuable customers’ fitness behavior. These insights provided the context for VBP’s creative brief, which helped them in the early conception phases of the Be More Human campaign and Freak Show Super Bowl commercial.”

Nicole Adriance

Global Insights Manager, Reebok

“We hired the Culture team to help us refine our brand positioning and gain further clarity into our brand purpose. Culture developed a research plan which included in-depth qualitative and ethnographic research to supplement the quantitative research that we had previously conducted. Through these efforts, we uncovered the rich emotional territory that our brand occupies in the mind of our consumers. Further, it provided us with a deeper understanding of our core guests and their values.”

Jonathan Muhtar

CMO, Captain D’s