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Our Beliefs

Do Brands Really Have The Power To Change The World?

Here is the one true thing I know about humans having studied them in action and been one myself for many years: we are essentially “good.”  Whether we all know it or not, we share a light of truth that binds us to one another in a spirit of belonging whereby we all have the opportunity to thrive. This is fact. However, if you disagree with this fact, feel free to …Read More

The Currency of Kindness: Bringing The Love To Drive Brand Growth

Kindness has historically not been a term immediately associated with business. In fact, one might argue that such a soft word is counter-intuitive to winning, which (at least in the past several decades) has been the primary focus of corporate leadership and connected directly to things like delivering shareholder value, which is directly related to stock price, which is determined by dollar-driven bottom-line metrics like profitability. It begs the question …Read More

A World of Customers is Sustainable, a Consumer World Isn’t

We believe that “consumer” is a kind of four-letter word. When we hear it we can’t help but wonder if people are really thinking critically about what they’re saying.Read More

You Must Understand Your Most Valuable Customer

Brands can realize dramatic short term improvements in profitability and long term improvements in brand health by focusing attention on their Most Valuable Customers.Read More

Brands Are Accountable To Society as a Whole Beyond Their Customers

We live in a time where a quick Twitter search can deliver the pulse of the global community on any topic imaginable in real-time, including a brand’s activities in the marketplace.Read More

Brand Value is a Direct Result of a Brand’s Values

As customers gain access to more information about brands’ activities in the market and on the global stage, they naturally develop affinity with brands whose values align with their own.Read More

Brands Should Be Who They Say They Are

Successful brands are associated with products, services or offerings that deliver on the brand promise. Brand claims and customer experience must demonstrably coincide.Read More

‘Brand Schizophrenia’ is a Risk When Leadership Changes

Leadership teams tasked with steering institutions into the future often change overnight. These transitional periods amount to potential moments of crisis for the brand.Read More