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Brandon Sutton LinkedInBrandon Sutton
I believe that humans can do extraordinary things when we are well informed, and the era of social media and the democratization of information is accelerating the pace of business innovation and cultural change at a rate that has never been seen before. I believe that individuals and small groups are leading in their own ways and momentum is building that will encourage pronounced shifts in the fields of government and commerce, among others. I am convinced that proactive brands and companies will be on the leading edge of this shift and enjoy tremendous competitive advantage, while those who resist the shift that is already underway will fade into obscurity as other agile entities take their place.

I’m inspired by people from around the world that work together to share ideas and information on how to make a better world. I’m also inspired by visionaries that continue to push the limits of our imagination in a way that encourages humanity to look beyond today’s reality and toward a future where all systems on the planet are in balance. Some of my biggest heroes include John F. Kennedy, Ray Anderson, Sylvia Earle, Jimmy Carter, Jamie Oliver, Steve Jobs, and David Gray.

Ray Anderson of Interface spoke of his ‘spear in the chest’ moment that precipitated not only a major personal transformation, but also a revolutionary approach within the company he founded to achieve 100% sustainability by 2020. This story has come to be one of my biggest inspirations and guides much of my beliefs about what is possible. I had my own spear in the chest moment in 2006 when I began to rediscover my love of the natural world. I realized that I had an opportunity to use the experience I’ve had navigating my own personal transformation to help businesses redesign commerce in a way that allows them to be positive participants and prosperous entities in the economy of the future. To this end, I will call upon experience I’ve had with brands and organizations of all stripes along with my knack for story telling to help those in leadership positions see what is possible once they deviate from the well-worn path and blaze a trail forward into a restorative, robust economic paradigm.

Jamie Gordon LinkedInJamie ‘The Brand Sherpa’ Gordon
Jamie_GordonJamie has spent a career as a brand strategy and strategic research specialist digging deep into the context of consumerism to find new ways to drive brand growth. As an Anthropologist and Sociologist, she develops and leads mixed methodology approaches which she applies to global brand strategy, innovation and insights engagements for her client and agency-side partners.

Jamie’s role as an innovator, leader and practitioner for a roster of world class brands has literally taken her around the world on many inspirational journeys since she began her professional career in the year 2000. She has designed and lead ground-breaking research and strategy all over the globe and has worked in many sectors with a variety of targets. A significant amount of her experience has focused on consumer automotive, commercial automotive, FMCG, Beverage and Spirits sectors as well as with Millennials , Creative Class Influencers, and Multicultural niches.

Jamie holds a B.A. In Anthropology and an M.A. In Applied Sociology.

As a Culture engagement partner, Jamie loves collaborating as both a team leader and ground-level practitioner – developing and generating empathy that leads to dramatic growth for Culture clients.