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A Letter from James Cash Penney to JCPenney

In recent weeks, the saga over the fate of JCPenney has been all over the media and advertising industry trade publications, most recently with a warranty spat involving a customer unhappy with a defective engagement ring. We’ve been tracking the situation and decided to dig into the history of the brand and its founder, James Cash Penney, to look for opportunities for the brand to realign itself with the values …Read More

Jack Daniel’s & Gentlemanly Behavior

Commercial brands are increasingly engaging with social movements in order to better ground and express their core values. Working out the ethical implications of this sort of approach can be tricky; they have to be considered carefully on a case-by-case basis. We know that brands capable of recognizing and aligning with social trends can attract attention through – and reciprocally reinforce awareness of – the causes they espouse. But this raises the question of distinguishing positive social trends from negative ones. Read More

Elections, CSR, Hurricanes and Common Threads

The US electorate has been locked into a bitter divide over the Presidential election for the past year and a half, and while voters can get caught up in issues of the moment, in some ways, it really doesn’t matter who wins. The basic realities of the global market will continue to come into sharper focus regardless of who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave next January 21st. Sure, there are …Read More

A World of Customers is Sustainable, a Consumer World Isn’t

We believe that “consumer” is a kind of four-letter word. When we hear it we can’t help but wonder if people are really thinking critically about what they’re saying.Read More

You Must Understand Your Most Valuable Customer

Brands can realize dramatic short term improvements in profitability and long term improvements in brand health by focusing attention on their Most Valuable Customers.Read More

Brands Are Accountable To Society as a Whole Beyond Their Customers

We live in a time where a quick Twitter search can deliver the pulse of the global community on any topic imaginable in real-time, including a brand’s activities in the marketplace.Read More

Brand Value is a Direct Result of a Brand’s Values

As customers gain access to more information about brands’ activities in the market and on the global stage, they naturally develop affinity with brands whose values align with their own.Read More

Brands Should Be Who They Say They Are

Successful brands are associated with products, services or offerings that deliver on the brand promise. Brand claims and customer experience must demonstrably coincide.Read More

‘Brand Schizophrenia’ is a Risk When Leadership Changes

Leadership teams tasked with steering institutions into the future often change overnight. These transitional periods amount to potential moments of crisis for the brand.Read More