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January 2015

Reebok Chooses To “Be More Human”

Early in 2013, Reebok approached our team with the need to develop a deep, emotional understanding of the motivations of fitness customers and the context of fitness activity in 6 countries. Our team spent 6 weeks on a round-the-world journey to uncover the common beliefs, values and motivators for hard core fitness enthusiasts in order to help Reebok connect with these individuals in a more resonant manner. At Culture, we …Read More

The Currency of Kindness: Bringing The Love To Drive Brand Growth

Kindness has historically not been a term immediately associated with business. In fact, one might argue that such a soft word is counter-intuitive to winning, which (at least in the past several decades) has been the primary focus of corporate leadership and connected directly to things like delivering shareholder value, which is directly related to stock price, which is determined by dollar-driven bottom-line metrics like profitability. It begs the question …Read More